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Fur Babies Rule!

Dog grooming advice to keep pets clean and healthy

March 2, 2024

FAMILY FEATURESRegular grooming can keep your dog looking and smelling his or her best, but it’s also important for maintaining health. If you choose to groom at home rather than opting for (often expensive) professional care, it’s also an opportunity to examine your pet for potential concerns. A proper grooming routine starts with the right…

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Bow to Wow! America’s top 10 shelter dog makeovers

February 3, 2024

BPTZen was rescued from a horrendous hoarding case. She arrived at the shelter with mange that required regular medicated baths and had severe damage to one of her eyes. Thankfully, after extensive grooming and care, the little pup went from sick, to healthy, to spunky in no time. Zen’s triumphant story continued when she was…

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Fast facts about healthy skin and coat care for dogs

December 29, 2023

FAMILY FEATURES The condition and appearance of your dog’s skin and coat can serve as outward indicators of his or her overall health. While grooming is one of the most important steps to maintaining a healthy coat, other factors can play a role in the look and feel of your four-legged friend’s fur. For example,…

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Tips to keep your cat happy and healthy this holiday season and beyond

December 22, 2023

BPT  In the company of loved ones, the holidays transform into a meaningful celebration marked by decadent foods, delightful presents, and joyous gatherings. As a pet parent, you want to share in this joy with your feline family members. This means enjoying the holiday season with your pets but also keeping them safe and comfortable…

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Shared meal experiences: The next big thing bringing people and pups closer

December 1, 2023

BPT Do you throw birthday parties for your dog? Include them in family photos? Maybe you have matching outfits you don for special occasions? If you enjoy spending time with your pup through fun activities like these, you’ll love the next big thing in bonding with pets: shared mealtime experiences. This isn’t just eating at…

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Five ways to support dogs’ health as they age

November 3, 2023

FAMILY FEATURES While you may look at your dogs and see the same little puppies you brought home years ago, the reality is they age the same way people do, and if you count in “dog years,” sometimes even faster. The aging process for dogs can mean graying whiskers and less ball chasing, but it…

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Five ways to get your pet ready for fall

September 8, 2023

FAMILY FEATURES Pets provide unconditional love to their companions; in return, it’s important to make sure they live happy and healthy lives by providing the best care possible.  This means making sure that in addition to food, treats and toys, they receive daily care for their eyes, ears and overall health. With a desire to…

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Pet expert reveals do’s and don’ts of playing with cats

August 25, 2023

BPT Play is instrumental for pets’ overall health and physical wellbeing. However, many cat lovers may not realize that there are positive and negative ways to engage cats in play. “Positive play can lower pets’ cortisol levels, influence brain development and help them gather information to understand boundaries and different ways of communicating,” said Purina…

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