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cj speaks…Trusting in God

May 19, 2024

Life is filled with so many choices, opportunities, and decisions. Sometimes it is so overwhelming, we don’t know our left from our right. It is Christians’ belief that God’s word instructs us what to do, but that we need not tell the world how we are working toward and achieving our goals. Be discreet, so…

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cj speaks…Spring cleaning

May 4, 2024

There is a time when we all go through our closets, drawers, and cabinets to get rid of those things we no longer have any use for — those things that no longer make us feel beautiful or handsome as we wear them. Often, our tastes and desires change, and some things no longer fit…

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cj speaks…The renewing of you

March 9, 2024

Because the seasons are about to change, the days are getting slightly longer. The brightness of the sun is enveloping the earth’s Northern Hemisphere, temperatures are growing warmer, and there is a feeling of the newness of everything all around us — and that includes the renewing of you. In the midst of all of…

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The Unsung Women Healing Chicago

March 9, 2024

In communities reeling from gun violence, Black women are doing caregiving work that is often unpaid, undervalued, and hidden from public view. By Justin AgreloThis article originally appeared in the October 11, 2022 edition of The Trace ( ABOVE PHOTO: Eva Maria Lewis stands outside the South Shore Cultural Center in Chicago. Seeger Gray for…

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