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8 Apr 2010

Project 21 – House Negroes stand up for the Tea Partiers

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April 8, 2010 Category: Commentary Posted by:

By Wendell P. Simpson


The degree to which black people continue to express the self-loathing component of our black diagnosis never ceases to amaze me.


President Obama had to shove health-care reform down the throats of a mis-educated and misled American constituency that doesn’t understand that the corporate fascists aren’t the only citizens with inalienable rights.


While a bloodied conservative movement, backed into a corner by it’s staid refusal to synchronize with a world that’s evolving before it’s very eyes, has launched a vicious counter-offensive that includes a secessionist-type movement to undue reform, and the employment of a gang of brownshirts known as the Tea Party activists, whose function is to intimidate, disrupt and coerce through violence and the threat of violence.


Now, who would deny that black folks will, indeed, be huge beneficiaries of the liberal programs aimed at restoring some of the dignity and economic and political largess to regular Americans for whom “The Dream” has been decimated by the insatiable appetite of the corporate machinery?


And who would deny that African Americans are disproportionately affected by the social and economic disparities which the liberals are trying to address?


Who would also deny that the position of the Right, with its allegiance to big business and the trickle down theory of slowing starving the masses to death, goes counter to the good—and according to the last elections—the will of the people; not just the black people, but all of the people?


Well, among the deniers are a number of black folk for whom the idea of living outside of the paternalistic auspices of almighty B’wana seems beyond imagining.


Last week, Project 21, a conservative black think tank distributed a scathing rebuke of critics of the Tea Party Movement to over three hundred black newspapers, suggesting that injection of race into the political discourse is a scheme of the liberals to stoke divisions. It is the liberals who have injected race.


In an article entitled, “Where Is the Outrage When Black Conservative Tea Party Activists Are Called the N-Word?,” Project 21 fellow Deneen Borelli (no, she’s not Italian; she’s black) deflects the heat from her ideological brethren on the right by painting liberals as the real racists.


Borelli said, “Welcome to my world! I’ve been called worse than the N-word by alleged enlightened liberals for the outrage of expressing my views on topics such as the threat of government overreach on things such as ObamaCare, climate change legislation, the Second Amendment and pro-growth economics…


It should go without saying that racial slurs are offensive and uncalled for, but progressives seem far more aggressive in hurling racist comments than Tea Party members. I find that all the time on my e-mail after I appear on television or radio.”


First of all, I can’t imagine too many things more offensive than being called the N-word—and I do have to concede to Borelli’s point that too often, the deeds of white liberals do not always match their rhetoric. But for any black person to try to create a fair and balanced fantasy out of the antics of the Tea Party set goes beyond the pale, straight to insanity.


I couldn’t fathom how a group of so-called black intellectuals would want to run interference for a group whose very raison d’etre is so diametrically opposed to their own aspirations, and whose hostility is palpable enough to cut the atmosphere a group that isn’t even pretending at the myth of a post-racial America; a group whose charter postulates the retaking of their country from the ‘ni**ers’ and the ‘sp*cs’ and the ‘fa**ots’ who have stolen their birthright; a group whose lines are clearly drawn and where fence straddlers have no place to live so I googled ‘Who funds Project 21?’


While I was unable to find any financial information, I was able to find associations with two conservative organizations, the National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR). NCPPR posts news and opinion pieces that speak to conservative policy initiatives, including articles by the country’s premier apologists for white privilege, former University of California regent Ward Connerly.


However, a tag at the bottom of its website notes that NCPPR is a member organization. is a vitriolic anti-minority, anti-Obama online rag that makes no pretense at civility or bipartisanship. Their writers represent a Mount Rushmore of right wing political punditry: Anne Coulter, Thomas Small, San Hannity, Michael Medved, Rush Limbaugh, and that handkerchief- headed Aunt Susie of the Asian persuasion, Michelle Malkin.


They post the usual litany of wing nut rants and accusations: One article refers to Obama as a fascist socialist who has betrayed American ideals and principles; another referred to the NAACP as a ‘willing tool of tax and spend public policy’; still another labels environmentalists ‘climate astrologers and harbingers of weak science.’


A link on the sight leads one to another wing nut online site, the and an article authored by Mychal Massie, a honcho over at Project 21, that actually accused Democrats of sending infiltrators to Tea Party rallies with the express purpose of yelling out ‘ni**er’ and ‘fa**ot’, and that the press colludes with these saboteurs to undermine the intentions of the group. Further, he goes on to say that allegations of racial and sexual epithets are ‘unsubstantiated’ (his word).


These are the forces with which Project 21 affiliates itself This is the ideology to which it conforms–anti-minority, anti-progressive, antebellum.


Project 21 wants to be the only Negro on the block. It defines its station by its associations with the so-called superior class. It is not embarrassed by it’s status as token, and it does not rue its role as quisling. It is a willing concubine of the devil.


However, what is abundantly clear in this hostile climate of rancorous and recriminate political discourse is that there are very few gray areas left, and while some black conservatives think they can walk the line, they cannot, because the allegiances have already been defined by somebody else.


Besides, this is war and history is siding with those with the courage, the vision and the wisdom to move outside of their comfort zones, to embrace something new, to assert their right to appreciate themselves and throw off the shackles of the old colonialism that informs your self hate and your self depreciation.


Project 21 you are an anachronism; the day of the house ni**er is dead…

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