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Can I get a (protected) witness?

February 17, 2024

Philadelphia City Council’s Committee on Public Safety is going to address witness protection. Finally. By Denise Clay-MurrayThanks to a resolution passed by Philadelphia’s City Council last week, I decided to take another look at Councilmember Curtis Jones’s Blueprint For A Safer Philadelphia. Council voted to allow the Committee on Public Safety to hold hearings on…

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Homeless dollars and cents

February 11, 2024

The Office Of Homeless Services gets a lot of money from the city to help those experiencing without a place to live. Mayor Cherelle Parker and Council Majority Leader Katherine Gilmore Richardson want to know what they’re doing with it. By Denise Clay-MurrayOne of the statistics that I’m tired of having to repeat as someone…

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cj speaks…The Blackness of my history

February 9, 2024

ABOVE PHOTO: Young girl reading an illustrated book in Pleasant Green School, near Marlinton, West Virginia, 1921. Shutterstock, Everett Collection Black people have been creating and establishing their history based on their blackness for decades — even centuries. This perspective is present when we speak about history, our ancestors, where we have come from, the…

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Resolving Kensington

February 3, 2024

Next Thursday, Philadelphia’s City Council will consider a resolution creating a group that would address the specific issues related to Kensington. Hopefully, what they do will be scalable. By Denise Clay-Murray How do you solve a problem like Philadelphia’s Kensington section? That’s a question that people have been asking for a very long time now,…

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Hanging In The Hall: An on time Council?

January 26, 2024

The rules of the Philadelphia City Council will not be suspended because you’re late.By Denise Clay-Murray Thursday was the first meeting of Philadelphia’s City Council for 2024. Let me rephrase that. Thursday was the first meeting of Philadelphia’s City Council that actually included council business, the inauguration on Jan. 2 was the actual first meeting,…

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cj speaks…A day of service

January 22, 2024

cj On January 15, we celebrated and honored Martin Luther King, Jr. through what has been designated as a “day of service.” It is a day of service to go out and volunteer, contribute, or just do something meaningful for someone else other than ourselves. Volunteering at a local shelter or a food pantry, visiting…

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cj speaks…Looking back on 2023

January 5, 2024

As you look back on 2023, at all the many wonders of God, and the blessings He bestowed upon your life, He also placed protections such as the footstools placed in the presence of your enemies, the vindications that you were allowed to have, but still able to feel Him in your unfortunate encounters with…

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SUNrise: cj speaks… Reconciliation

December 14, 2023

How does one reconcile with another after forgiveness?  How does that work?  What does that look like?   I asked myself that question this AM as I rose after reading God’s Word; I thought about how I could be instrumental in bringing my family together — a family that has been broken apart for many…

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Masking up

December 8, 2023

The highlight of last week’s Philadelphia City Council meeting was the passage of a law banning ski masks…and the sermon that proceeded it. By Denise Clay-Murray One of my favorite parts of any Philadelphia City Council meeting is the public comment section. That’s the moment when Philadelphia’s citizens get to weigh in on an issue…

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Congress must repair the U.S. patent system

December 1, 2023

By Doug Collins America’s high-tech industries grew up hand in hand with a robust system of intellectual property rights. Without strong patent protections to encourage inventors, we would never have become a global leader in software, biotechnology, or artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, starting 11 years ago, the Supreme Court handed down a series of decisions that…

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