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SUNrise: cj speaks…  God Undefeated! a poem

December 1, 2023

As you rose to the occasion of your life today, where did you see yourself going? How do you see yourself moving? This thing we call life, yeah, it’s undefeated! As I rose and I thought about the goodness of God and how He has allowed me to be here, at this very moment As…

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Truancy: A reflection of the state of education in Pennsylvania

November 17, 2023

ABOVE PHOTOS: State Rep. Donna Bullock (D-195th Dist.)  and State Rep. Darisha Parker (D-198th Dist.)  By State Rep. Darisha Parker (D-198th Dist.) and State Rep. Donna Bullock (D-195th Dist.) In Philadelphia, there exists a persistent issue that threatens the future of countless our students: truancy.  Truancy, the chronic absence from school, is not just one…

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SUNrise: cj speaks…  Winning

November 17, 2023

By cj Life takes on a new perspective when you win whatever that thing is that you have set out to accomplish — be it a new job, celebrating the graduation of your child, or whatever your goal is.    Here in Philadelphia, a Black woman, the Honorable Cherelle Parker, was voted into office as…

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SUNrise: cj speaks… Boldness

November 3, 2023

By CJ Being bold in who God says you are each day is a major accomplishment in your personal walk.  You face challenges every day in your life; and your boldness can determine who you hang out with, what you choose to eat, where you may worship, those people you call friends, the places you…

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cj speaks…Words

October 20, 2023

The words we speak can hurt, help, find a resolution, or start a war. The words we use are derived from the thoughts that arise from the depths of our soul. What are you thinking about today? What are the positive thoughts that you have chosen to focus upon, that you believe can happen, that…

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SUNrise: cj speaks…   Great Things

September 29, 2023

By CJ Believe it or not, the year is almost over, and October is upon us..  With that being said, we are walking into a whole new parameter of life:  lifestyles, changes, disappointments, so much lack, and then equity in our nation, let alone our homes, in our schools, along with our communities and neighborhoods. …

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SUNrise: cj speaks…  A new season in life

September 15, 2023

We are approaching a whole new season in our lives, as the calendar reminds us that summer is saying goodbye and we say hello to autumn. It will soon be time to turn back the clock an hour, and as that hour falls to the wayside. We keep going forward, aware that one day all…

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SUNrise: cj speaks… Wait on God

September 1, 2023

cj We pray to God for different reasons — most of the time waiting for Him to give us the desires of our heart, whether we really need or deserve those things or not. But along with the nouns in your life:  the people, places, and things that we desire and want to have, God…

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SUNrise: cj speaks… A relationship is the giving of oneself — a poem

August 18, 2023

By:  cj By:  cj A relationship is the giving of oneself, some ingredients are communicating, uplifting, loving, compromising and sharing. No matter whom you are in a relationship with, mother, father, sister, brother, husband, wife, lover, friend, co-worker and/or children A relationship is the giving of oneself, In a relationship, we must understand that without…

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Fear of an enlightened child

August 18, 2023

If you want to make sure that no one challenges your backward policies, keeping young people away from knowledge is the best way to do it. Especially since the things that scare you most were the result of the work of a multicultural coalition of college students. By Denise Clay-Murray A couple of weeks ago,…

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