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22 Dec 2022

SUNrise: cj speaks…  Looking back on 2022…

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December 22, 2022 Category: Commentary Posted by:

Looking back on 2022, I reflect on the blessings that GOD has bestowed upon me and the numerous experiences and vast encounters of the ‘nouns’ in my life; the people I have met, the places that I have been able to go, and the things that I have been able to accomplish in such a short span of time. It all just amazes me.  

 Take a moment to reflect on the things GOD has done for you in your own life. Look at those great accomplishments  — stop and think about what you did to get there, how you were guided and directed by HIS hand. In fact, He even enabled you to accomplish goals that you hadn’t even set for yourself.  Yes, looking back on 2022, you know that GOD was instrumental in your walk.  

I was thinking back to a good friend of mine, as I had a journalism question this morning — and she was my person — Ms. Leah Fletcher. Her heavenly birthday is next week.  As the holidays are coming around, I am also reminded of the upcoming anniversary of her going to glory. Thoughts of my father, George M. Jones, Jr., who also went to glory this year, are also on my mind today. These are memories that set the tone for this article.

So as you are looking back in 2022 or simply taking stock of the past,  take time to reflect upon the loved ones who have touched your lives, as well as the friends who have made significant contributions to your life that you were unaware of before their sharing the information. Take time to reflect on those memories, great times, and moments that you will cherish forever.  Hopefully, you have pictures that can depict the occurrence in a form where you can actually see yourself and those of others.  

As you look back on 2022 with gratitude for what God has done for you, prepare for the new doors to open as 2023 approaches!  I am wishing you the greatest of encounters in 2023 as you look back — the Sankofa in your life. It is what will take you forward in the New Year.  Be blessed!  Until next time…PEACE! 

cj is a poet, educator, motivational speaker, and inspirational writer who resides in Philadelphia. If you were moved by this piece, shoot her a “like” or comment at: [email protected].

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